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About the School

Education is at the core of individuals and societies’ welfare. Education allows individuals, communities and societies access to vast amounts of information now available online. Online information, although present in many languages is greater in English than in all other languages combined. The English language is the language of preference used by all major multinational corporations.

In order for individuals to meet their personal objectives, they need more and more to be fluent in all aspects of the English language. Research has shown that foreign and domestic companies in developing countries such as Brazil are requiring candidates for employment to be fluent in the English language.

The teaching of English as a second Language in the public educational system In Brazil is of poor quality. Yet, when offered by the private system English education’s quality considerably increases, but so does the cost. According to research, the top ESL private institutions in Brazil have an average monthly cost of 500 US dollars.

This elevated cost for quality English education only further enables the continuation of the transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich in Brazil. This happens because most individuals who earn the Brazilian monthly median wage of around 958.00 US dollars (source: nationmaster.com and IBGE.gov.br) may not feel compelled to invest over 50 percent of their wage to enroll in a top ESL private institution. The result? These individuals either enroll in a low-quality ESL institution or give up on studying English all together.

This trend is a norm in Brazil and unfortunately, it does not seem to be nearing an end.

Within the next 8 years, Brazil is poised to receive increasing injections of foreign investments. These investments will be most likely focused in the hospitality, infrastructure and technological industries. Brazil will host two major world events that are historically synonymous of increased investments, the soccer World Cup in 2014 and the Summer Olympics in 2016. Employers will further require that current employees and future employees possess English fluency. Can Brazilians regardless of income level, demographic location, race or creed meet these near-present demands? Statistics suggest that currently they cannot.

Our ESL school and the Avlis Group LLC as a whole, believes it can help Brazilians who are not English proficient, to become fluent in the English language. Our organization believes that it can provide a top-level English education to any citizen of Brazil regardless of their location, race, or creed for a fraction of the current cost or free.

By achieving this objective, we would be democratizing the learning of ESL in Brazil and helping, even if just by a little, Brazil to narrow the income and opportunity gap that exists now.

All of our organization’s activities will have this focus: To provide products and services solutions that support our businesses in pursuing activities that narrow the income and educational opportunity gaps of individuals living in the world.

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