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English Lesson Plans

When you choose FlexInglesOnline.com, you open the door to a learning that is fast and flexible. In our English lesson plans, you learn about various topics, train your new vocabulary, improve your listening skills, and receive instant feedback.

With a methodology based on the current programs of learning English as a Second Language(ESL) that are offered by leading universities of the United States. The English lesson plans we offer create an online environment that most closely resembles a true immersion in the English language and culture.

See the options below to learn about some of the types of English lesson plans we have available.


English Pronunciation and Fluency Lesson Plans

Achieve a clear, accurate, and fluent pronunciation of English. In our English Pronunciation Lab lesson plans, you have at your disposal hundreds of video lessons that emphasize the pronunciation of words and phrases in the English language. Our American teachers recorded the audio, so you can rest assured that you are hearing and repeating an accurate intonation and pronunciation of the English language.
In the English Pronunciation Lab, you can practice the pronunciation of single sentences and words, or long and complicated sentences. All this so you will be confident when communicating in English.

Grammar and Vocabulary Lesson Plans

We have comprehensive list of grammar and vocabulary lesson plans. Focus on the most important and challenging grammar rules for speakers of Portuguese. The lesson plans emphasize the English vocabulary and grammar that is current. There is no space for outdated information here. The vocabulary guides are filled with text, video, interactive exercises and tests to help you learn and expand your vocabulary in English. Our English grammar guides focus your learning in the most important rules of the English language. These lesson plans account for all the different communication channels. This way your communication will be concise, clear, and objective, regardless of whether you are writing or speaking in English.

Everyday Situations

Any language educational program knows that providing language immersion in the culture of the language being learned is essential to a learning process that is fun, fast, and comprehensive. Therefore, we compiled a huge media list of movie clips, short films, news excerpts, business reports, commercials, and documentaries. Then, we put our English coaches to work on developing lesson plans, complete with quizzes and exams based on this list of media. The result is an amazing audiovisual experience that puts you in direct contact with the English language that is spoken today. Whether you are at home or in the office, through the Flex Media lesson plans, you can select the lesson plans that have subjects of your interest. Thus, driving a fun learning experience in a way that you forget you are actually studying.

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